Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey there, it's been a while...

So, we went on a little trip this past week. I wish I could say it was for happy reasons. Unfortunately, it wasn't. See, one of Todd's best friends, certainly one of his oldest friends died tragically in a freak accident, on the 7th. I can only really hope that the poor guy didn't even know a moment of fear, because it happened so fast, and he was doing what he loved, when it happened.

Anyway, the topic is kind of painful, and out of respect for everyone involved, that's about all I'm willing to share there.

But I did take my camera with me on the trip, and we had patches of blue, where we did go out and enjoy ourselves. I created some sets for these pix, since there were a lot of them. Photography is pretty therapeutic for me, thankfully.

Here are some photos I took at a park, the second day we were there:

The rest of the set can be seen here: