Sunday, October 30, 2011

I hear the secrets that you keep...

Last night, I had one of my more bizarre dreams. I was having quite a day. Things were busy for me. The kids were in school, but required an early pickup. On top of that, I had a wedding cake to bake (?), a dog to train, and a horse to guild. No joke.

I also drove a giant, gunmetal gray, Mercedez van. I... don't know.

I figured out that the only way to retrieve my children early, in the midst of all of this, would be to drive my car up to OHSU, take the tram, transfer to the MAX, and take 2 buses to their school. But I had to be fast, because parking was $5 an hour there. There was a place for me to park it, and a personal vestibule next to each car to place our personal effects, including very important things, like birth certificates. Because we naturally carry all of that stuff on our persons every damn day of the world.

So, I place my things into the vestibule, and wait for the automatic sliding door to close, only it gets hung up on nothing, and won't go anymore. Of course, my time has already started, and I am MAD antsy, because I have a fucking wedding cake, a Great Dane, and the balls of a newly-guilded horse in the back of this thing.

But eventually, it closes. And it takes me 4 hours to retrieve my kids, and return to the van, where naturally the neglected dog has eaten both the wedding cake, and the fresh horse balls.

So... I failed on every task. And I didn't have enough money to pay for the parking. And because of this, I then had to work as a parking attendant to make up for the money that I didn't have. Luckily, this was only an hour, but my kids were not happy with me, and the dog got sick all over the van.

Exhausted, I finally leave the parking garage, deliver sick dog to his owner, and proceed to clean the most disgusting muck from the inside of the vehicle.

Apparently, in the land of reality, and not in the dream, Mr. Hed tried snuggling me in the night, and I had a full conversation with him about all of the happenings of the dream. I do remember telling him things, as well, but he was standing across from me, wearing a Parking Attendant uniform, not snuggled into bed with me. And... I thought he was cute, and that I wouldn't mind having him snuggle me in bed. But he was just a parking attendant, and not my husband.

While sharing the strange conversation with me, he was quite amused. I, on the other hand, am relieved that the dream was silly and not incriminating in any way.


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