Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blast, for the win! So much blast, so much win!

Lately I have put my foot down about things. I am tired of trying to live in a mould that seems to fit only a certain type of woman... the kind of mould that drives me batshit crazy, and therefore needs to go... so I can be sane, and enjoy my life. That said, I'm sorry. But I am what I am. I don't have the cleanest vocabulary, and I don't give a shitty tit fuck about it. I don't stay home every night of the week, and I am anything but vanilla. OK, maybe I am more vanilla than I was before kids... but only because... damn. I need my sleep.

You know what? My kids are thriving, and we all get along a lot better than we did before. I am realizing more and more that I am not cut out to be the type of person who can stay at home for days at a time with nothing to do, or at least nothing really interesting or creative to do. I have to get out and be social, and sometimes that means I have to get out and be social daily, or nightly.

Last night was no exception. Miranda had texted me Monday night, asking me if I wanted to go to a Burlesque show with her. I had planned on reorganizing my bookshelves in the living room, but this sounded way more interesting, so I texted her back: "Hellz yes!"

We met up at the skeezy corner of NW 6th and Burnside, and walked over to Harvey's Comedy Club. I had forgotten how different the two sides of the Burn can be in this part of town. I drive through there every day because I drop Mr. Hed off at work, but this is always a different scene because the skeezoids aren't awake yet when we do this. I also drive down 4th, which isn't the bus mall, so that could be part of it. Still last night I witnessed lots of drug deals, and crazy going on. I was glad I didn't have to walk through there alone.

I haven't been to Harvey's in a while. I remember going a lot about a decade ago. Seemed different, and I suppose it could have been the fact that it was a Tuesday, and it's not their usual gig. We agreed to meet around 7:15, for the 8 PM showing, and when we arrived out front, it appeared to be closed! Oh no!

Miranda was all kinds of embarrassed, because she was sure we had the right night. I pulled out my handy dandy smart phone and called the place. They were open, but there was no line, and the ticket window was not open. It was a smaller show though, and Miranda was friends with the MC, who had her hair all done up in victory rolls on top. She was dressed in a lovely vintage gray and black peacock print crinoline pleat skirt which came down to about mid-calf, with a sweater covering a sequined bodice, that shone through slightly, fishnets, patent platform Mary Janes with VERY high heels... lots of tattoos, turquoise eyeshadow, and red glitter on the lips. With the way she was dressed, I had a feeling at the end, we'd get a treat... and I was right! Hooray! And, when I met her after the show, she was still shorter than me. Sometimes I wish I could wear shoes like that, but alas, they would make me about 12 feet tall.

What is it about vintage that is just... so hot right now? It's a look I would like to try and play with a little, although... I think I would need serious training to do it right. I actually did wear my own hair down for a change, and even put some hot rollers into it, so... it looked mostly decent. (Remind me to never cut my hair short again. This grow-out is taking forever, and starting to get on my nerves.)

Before the show, I thought I recognized a guy who was sitting by himself. He finally recognized us too, and came over. We had worked together several years ago, and he ended up sitting with us, as well. Was nice to catch up. He sat with us for the show, and ended up giving Miranda a ride home, because they both live in the same area. That was a relief, since things ended kinda late, and I was tired when it was over.

Anyway, the whole thing was really fun! I haven't laughed like that in... well... a few days, anyway, because my friends... are teh funneh. This was a variety show, which mixed stand up, pin up, tasseling, brightly coloured feather fans, men and women of all shapes and sizes, a magician who was actually kind of mind-blowing, off-colour humour, and prizes!


I think the thing I loved the most was the fact that woman who did the tasseling was not itsy bitsy. She was lovely, buxom, big, and not at all covered up. And she had the tasseling down! Best of all, she seemed to be OK with staying uncovered for the duration of the show, because when the curtain call came, she came back up on the stage in just her tassels and panties. So darn cute! I... attempted to re-enact this for Mr. Hed when I got home, but it's clear I would need lots of practice to do this well... and my size FFFs are... well, not so easy to fling around, and a bit on the National Geographic side. He didn't seem to mind one bit though. I think next time I will bring him along. I know he would have loved it.

I have decided to get a group of girls together to go out to the weekly Burlesque review happening at Hawthorne Theatre soon. These shows are always a good time, and there is just something about Burlesque that appeals. Could be the mystery, since it's not really nudity, could the the costumes, the fans, the hairstyles, or the music... or it could just be all of it. It is such a treat!


I have some other news that I would like to write about soon, as well. Stay tuned, as lately, I have been busy, and would like to give this thing the post it deserves. It's pretty awesome. Yes. Yes, it is! And.. NO, I am not pregnant!



  1. I am a bona-fide introvert and I go insane if I don't get out at least once a week! That show sounded like a total blast. I'd love to go sometime!

  2. Let's set something up for the Thursday after next. I am going out a few nights next week. I think Todd might kill me if I don't come home from knit night at a decent hour. LOL