Thursday, March 17, 2011

Double Rainbow all the way across the sky, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's so intense! AAAAH!

So... a double rainbow for St. Patrick's day. Those leprechauns are working double time. Does that mean two pots? Will it improve the economy? Eh... probably not. I am kicking myself for getting lazy about taking my camera with me wherever I go. I used to be so good about this, and now I hardly ever remember. Damn it. Oh well. Le sigh...

In other news, MicroSqueak has gotten rather germaphobic. I can't really say she doesn't come by it honestly, but it has been a while since I have been completely paranoid about germs. My immune system has improved so much in the last couple years, that I am not constantly washing my hands anymore. So... she did not learn by example, and I am hoping it is just a phase, and not nature beating nurture. I can cop to being mighty paranoid. Yes I can. I own it. I've dealt with it. I've moved on. I've moved... the fuck on. Yes.

I will say though, we certainly are going through a LOT of towels lately. She does not just have to wash her hands, but she has to shower every time anything even remotely foreign touches her. It does not seem to matter what, or apparently who it is. We apparently can't go to anyone's house or have company right now, because she will need a shower, and I will apparently have to burn the room and everything said people have touched. It is that bad. Yes. It is that bad.

Yesterday, she had just finished a shower, and the shower curtain touched her arm. She needed another shower. This was, of course, after she had had 2 showers in a time span of one hour. 4 showers. Four. Damn. Showers. FOUR.

I did run out of towels at that point, because not only can she not deal with the fact of anything touching her, but she can't re-use a towel that has touched her clean body. Oy. If she wipes her ladybits, she can't use the same towel on her hair after that, because god forbid, she has clean hair... contaminated with clean, bitsy ladybit towel moisture. Oy!

I said oy!


This was, of course just before I was supposed to leave to meet up with a long lost friend from high school. More on that in another post, soon.

'Cause damn.

I said God DAMN!

What is with this kid? Someone please tell me this is just a phase. I can't take much more of this.

Today, she demanded another shower after we picked LadyBug up from school. I wouldn't give her one, because she had used all of the towels, and the washing machine was still whirring away with her used towels of daily yore. She went up there and started the shower, climbed into the tub, and gave herself one anyway. I managed to find her bathrobe, and wrapped her in that when she was done.

I thought all was well, until about 15 minutes later, when she traipsed into the room crying, and had this to say: "I hate my bathrobe! It is too slippy offy, and I can't keep it closed! No! You go get me some REAL clothes, and wash your hands first!" I did that, and I washed my hands... to... maintain peace. It sort of worked. Sort of.

I... don't know. Perhaps I really was this crazy as a child. I'm doing my best to cut the kid some slack... until she moves onto her next, hopefully much less annoying obsession.


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