Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can this wedding be saved? Enter Hedy...

In the mid-summer of 1996, I was asked to help on a special project: flowers for my good friend Keli's sister's wedding. I was still essentially a kid at this point in my life, and wasn't too keen on marriage just yet. In fact, there were two things that topped my list of things I really didn't want: to be married, and to own a Ford Escort. I told my best friend to shoot me if within a year I was married, and driving one of these little cars... or really, if either had happened... because at that point, I wasn't even old enough to (legally) drink... and, well, I had much better taste in cars.

That said, I loved weddings. I loved everything about them. It was sweet to see other couples making commitments to each other, and usually the food was decent, the flowers gorgeous, and... there was cake. And dancing!

OK, I still love weddings!

We spent the night before the big event sitting up talking; making floral arrangements, wreaths, head-dresses, and the like. It was hard work, but so much fun, and the company just... rocked. We did this into the wee hours, and decided it would probably best to get some sleep... but none of us really did, because damn. We were giddy! There was something about Kori and Ryan and how they were with each other that we all knew... this was going to take, and it was going to be really good.

And here I am, 15 years later, writing about it, and I can tell you they are still together, they are going strong, and they are a true inspiration.

But back to the wedding!

We set out for Richardson Point, via Fall Creek fairly early in the morning to set up, and finish the floral arrangements. Much of the flora we had to work was wild, and had been picked by Kori and her friends. (Years later, because I liked the idea so much, I actually did this for my wedding, as well, or at least, in part.) As everyone was setting up, I began making Kori's head dress. I remember her coming up to me and thanking me, and making me promise not to make her look like "Duck Face" from "Four Weddings And A Funeral". I had a good laugh about that one, because I was using white daisies... and well... yeah, that's kinda what she wore. But I think we succeeded in making her look unique.

Her dress was just beautiful. Her mother made it, and hand-embroidered beautiful flowers around the neckline, and the back had tiny buttons covered in white silk. They were the real deal! No zipper there! A ton of love went into that dress, but really, if anyone could make a dress like that, it was Leticia. She is one crazy-amazing seamstress.

At one point, I did hear Kori fretting about her marriage license. They could not find it anywhere! I tried to help look for a little while, but they decided to look in a few more places. Keli and I went back to our arranging, and gabbing. And... gabbing, because that's what we did.

Leticia pulled me aside, and asked me to do her a quick favour: "Hedy, can you take my car and run back to Fall Creek? There is a bag in my room, next to my dresser, that has the logo for Holland America West Tours. Can you grab that and bring it back up here?"


You know? I never even asked what was in the bag, and honestly, I was so entrenched in flower land, I had no idea what time it was. Still, I figured the time was nearing for the wedding to start, so I didn't waste any time. Fall Creek and Richardson Point are not really all that close together. According to Google maps, it should take about 53 minutes to complete the trip... one way. Well? I basically made the round trip in that time.

I arrived back just in time for the wedding ceremony to be finishing up. I ran up to Leticia, handed her the bag, and she quietly made her way over to the newly married couple, and pulled out the license! At this point, I was equally proud of myself for unknowingly saving their wedding, and in awe that they had a female officiant. Very cool!

The rest of the festivities were very fun! Keli's boyfriend (at the time... they are now married, too,) catered, and did a marvelous job. I had to laugh that the first song they chose to dance to as a married couple was: "I'm Too Sexy!" by Right Said Fred. Even their grandma was up and dancing... and not just a little bit. I remember thinking to myself: These people clearly know how to have a good time!

Somehow, I got talked into participating in the bouquet toss. And... yes. I caught it. Oy! I'm quite certain I wasn't next, since I didn't end up hitched for another 5 years, but it sure was a pretty thing!

What a day! Kori still talks about how I saved her wedding! Gotta love that!



  1. Wow! I can't believe you missed the wedding... LOL So sweet!

  2. I got to see it on tape later on. It was beautiful. I'm just so glad I was around and none of the really key family members had to miss it!


  3. <3 I'm stoked you posed this! thanks for saving the day!

  4. Yay! Thanks for reading it! Love ya! MWAH!

  5. So cool! And great that you continue to be in the same community. I was... 14, haha.

  6. I was a 20 year old babalah. LOL