Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend we went out to visit Mr. Hed's Grandma. She was... I'm going to say... true to form, rather than in rare form. A visit with her is always guaranteed to be wacky, and one is also guaranteed to end up snickering into the neckline of his or her top, once one gets enough space in the corner of a room to do so. One may also roll eyes at someone else in the room who may or may not believe her utterances.

But the former happens so much more often.

There are usually a few different things she will grab onto and run with. This weekend, it was Fear. The woman is addicted to fear. And TV. And fear on TV. In fact, she has two television sets, which are adjacent to one another in the living room. She will often have both going simultaneously. No exaggeration, and no joke. I have no idea how she absorbs anything from either set, as they are often playing very different things.

Last night, we were subjected to a show called: "It Could Happen Tomorrow!!!" This was all about earthquakes, and natural disasters, and the history of such things; what we have done in the past, what's in danger now, and... FEAR, FEAR, FEAR!!!!

We finally talked her into changing the channel... which of course, had to go to CNN. Oy'fuckin'vey!

Thankfully, some of Mr. Hed's friends showed up, and we escaped the living room, once in a while cackling about the combination Grandma had going, from the kitchen, where there is no way she could have heard us with that crazy cacophobination going full volume. At one point, we were having to yell at each other over simulcast SeanHannityEverybodyLovesRaymond.

Good times.

Did I mention she doesn't hear well? I suppose I can't hold that against her. But for the love of Ozzy... good GOD! Why play two shows at once? How can you possibly get anything but noise out of that?

At bedtime, she will play KGO Talk Radio at full blast on her clock set next to her bed. The poor clock set was only designed to play at that volume briefly; in the case of an alarm going off. It whines, whistles, and complains at the mere idea of doing this all night long, and this is what we often hear: "Shhhweeeeerrrr something political weeerrrshshshshskkkkgssshhhhweeeeee."

For hours.

I will say though, that am glad the whole weekend wasn't like this. We did, for the most part, have a pretty good visit with Grandma. Her wackiness is starting to become endearing, because good lord... you either decide to love it, or hate it.

Love is just... easier.

I am also kicking myself hard for not remembering my good camera. The weather was just gorgeous out there, and we made a couple quick little trips through the foothills of the Blue Mountains. I could have done some very cool things with a few key lenses and shutter speeds... if I had just remembered my fucking camera!

I tried taking a few photos with my droid phone, but damn. It is just not the same. I am very spoiled, and I hate the point and shoot approach. It is just... no good when you are used to the real thing, and having that much control over the photos you are taking. Just... no good at all!

From this moment on, I vow to NEVER leave home without my camera again! I suppose it may take me longer to arrive at my chosen destinations, but I feel that I have been lazy and therefore missing out on some really good things recently.

That needs to stop!



  1. I got myself a little point-and-shoot this christmas as a "never away from home without SOME kind of camera". Sort of for emergencies. No. not even close. Now more than ever I want to always have my digital SLR because the photos that happen from that little point-and-shoot (and I did research the quality and chose what was supposed to be the best for the price range) - NO COMPARISON. I feel you.

  2. It's true. There really is no comparison. I hardly ever use auto-focus when I am shooting inanimate objects. I will use it for action shots, but that is about the only time I do. It has been so long since I have used a point and shoot, that I hadn't realized how little control you have with one. And what's with the viewfinder being a screen? I will close my left eye even though I am not looking through a conventional viewfinder, and I look like a fool. But it's a reflex at this point. Sigh...