Sunday, April 10, 2011

An unexpected evening of music and fun!

Last night, MicroSqueak and I were waiting for dinner to bake in the oven. We sat in one of my wing chairs together watching youtube on my laptop, and she asked me to play "The uber dramatic song with the wolves". Her words. No lie. She's 4, and she's a pistol. She also has a love for Harry Nilsson.

She is right. This photo montage is all very... dramatic.

But this is right in line with the stuff I grew up with. Figured it's only fair to play stuff from my childhood for her. Remember "The Point"? If you are a child of the '70s, you probably do. It had hit songs in it such as: "Think about your troubles", and "Me And My Arrow". I loved both of those. And who can forget "I'd Rather Be Dead", or "You're Breakin' My heart?" OK, that one also deserves an embed, although it isn't safe for work, for those of you who haven't heard it. Still. Pure awesome.

From what I gathered, it was about his divorce from his first wife, and sounds accurate. She was all serious and responsible, and every night was a party for that guy. Yeah, hard to see it working... although he did go on to remarry and have... what was it? 6 kids? Damn!

After dinner, I was sitting with my glass of wine, still listening to Harry via youtube, and realized I needed to up my music collection... and I was bored! And the kids were already abed. And Mr. Hed was being a wet blanket. So... I called my friend Sandy, and off we went to the wrecka stow, so I could pick some up right away. After that, we drove around for a little while, listening. She hadn't heard of him before, but I played the "Uber-Dramatic Song With The Wolves" for her, and she recognized that, along with this one:

Most people do with those two songs. Thanks, Mariah Carey, and advertising industry...

We crossed the Hawthorne Bridge, and I realized I just wasn't ready to go back home yet. I remembered hearing of a show that a friend of old, (Ezra Holbrook,) was going to be in at a neighbourhood bar, so that's where we ended up. I hadn't seen him play in about 15 years. It was a neat show, for sure, and good to see that talented guy do what he does best, along with a bunch of other talented people who came and went as they seemingly pleased. I love it when music is like that; informal, spontaneous, and shares a certain intimacy with the crowd. It can feel like you are part of it, and that it's happening in your own home.

I also love my spontaneous friends. It is so nice to be able to find someone to just skip out with at night, and have a great evening!


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