Sunday, February 27, 2011

People still do this? Really???

I happened to take a quick scroll through Facebookland tonight, and noticed all the posts from people about other people I have never heard of before, and how they were dressed, how their hair was done, how many times they changed clothes, who made out with who, etc., etc., ad-nauseum. Just what was this bizarre phenomenon? I hadn't a clue.

It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on, and I realized they were posting about the Academy Awards. You know? I don't think I have ever watched this. Ever. I don't really understand awards shows, and find them pretty boring. That's not to say I think people who watch them are boring, stupid, or otherwise touched in the head. In fact, most of the people I saw posting about this tonight were people I admire greatly, consider good friends, and look up to. Really, It's all about preference, and this one has just never been mine. I personally don't get it.

As I realized I had no idea who they were posting about, I also realized it's been a couple years since I knew what was playing in the sit-down, big-screen cinema. At all. I think the last movie I went to see that was... just a movie for the sake of going to a movie, showed in 2008. No lie. I'm not much of a movie buff, and it can take me up to 20 years or more to finally sit down and watch something. And then, I usually do it if I have absolutely nothing better to do, the kids are asleep, and I'm alone. At home. In my damn slippers. On my laptop. Because it keeps my lap warm.

Movies are not what I would consider a good social practice. And yet, I rarely see people going to a movie alone. It's a little like the cafeteria in high school. You do NOT want to be seen alone there, either. I get that, and yet, if I had to do it all over again, I probably would have taken a newspaper with me, and just sat by myself. It's really not that bad. Nope. In fact, there are times when all I want to do is read the New York Times with a cup of coffee... away from my house. That is pure luxury. That's what that is.

But when you are going to sit in front of a giant screen filled with people you have likely never met, viewing a story you are likely unfamiliar with, talking is frowned upon, it's dark, and the only time you are likely to be seen by yourself (gasp!) would be on the way in or out, what is the big deal?

Digressing now, because the real issue for me is time, and well? I guess these people may have more time than I do.

And from the social standpoint, why take 2 or 3 hours to sit there and watch something when you could take the same amount of time and talk to someone; find out more about them, and enjoy their company without a ridiculously large, noisy, distraction? I usually only get about that much free time at a clip, and so if I were to do this regularly, it would go a little something like this: "Hey! Let's meet at the cinema at 3."


"Well, that was... either really great, or really terrible."


"K. Well, see ya!"

"See ya!"

Awesomely fulfilling, am I right? No.

I am sure there is some great, worthwhile cinema out there, but I guess I just have better things to do right now. No offense to those who do enjoy... but I... just don't get it.



  1. I don't have time for movies. I have to be able to pause it, make dinner, clean up pee, check the laundry.... it takes me like 4 hours to actually see a movie. Sometimes Cliff puts on a movie expecting that I'll sit there and watch it with him and I just *can't*. Maybe if he did all the dishes and laundry first and got the kids asleep and then put on the movie and rubbed my feet so I wouldn't want to leave... but that has a snowball's chance in hell of happening!

    As for the awards shows... I just read once the outfit snark rolls in.

  2. Ha ha! Awesome. I'm going there now.