Saturday, November 3, 2012

A ribald story of nut intrigue.

I was pretty hung over and exhausted yesterday.  If you read my previous post, it was just a long, long, week, and by the end of yesterday, I couldn't see the top or bottom of my world.  It was just TV snow.  And TV?  Let's face it.  I haven't watched that in a VERY long time.  What's TV?  I don't even know that bitch.  I missed going out with the ladies, and had to prioritize a couple of other things out, because I was just... done.  Like Ron Jeremy after one of his long weeks.  Done.  And I looked about as good, too.

So yeah.  I did the last of what I said I would do.  I baked a few dozen cookies for a school potluck... half were vegan, half made with butter, all gluten-free, because I love my peeps.  I do.  I really only felt obligated by my own mind, and gratitude, because they are just awesome people.  So... I do my best to give back even in small ways, when I can.  There were none left when we left the potluck, so I must have at least done something right.  But, sadly, I was on auto-pilot, and didn't think about where I was going.  A potluck.  And yeah, you are supposed to bring your own plates/utensils.


So then,  I was tired, hungry, and in it for the long haul, because it was a movie potluck.

It was still fun, but I had to cut out early, because I was... yeah, I was.

I get home, and the mister is still not there.  I had some organizing to do in the basement, so I was down there when he came in, and he found me pretty fast.  He usually looks for me when he walks in the door, no matter what part of the house I am in.  I could be upstairs taking a massive shit, and he'd still come in and talk to me about his day. 

That's love, right there.  That's what that is.

He hadn't eaten yet either, and was three sheets to the wind, because it was his night to go out and have a little fun.  He's a little bummed, because his buddy just got hired on at a different outfit, across town.  So, yeah.  If he can find time to get out with that guy, he should take it.

Earlier, I had gone to the store.  I did NOT feel like cooking when I got home, so I made myself a salad and threw some packaged sliced turkey on top.  He rummaged and looked for nuts.

He found some, but not the ones he so desired.  (Spicy Thai Cashews from Trader Joe's.)  I did buy these nuts earlier that day, but I put them in a different place than usual, because I got tired of him eating the whole bag before I could get to them, and I also like these nuts.

I also completely forgot that I did this.  Did I mention I was running on auto-pilot yesterday?

So, in my haze, I decided to have a little fun with him. 

"Hey, did you buy cashews?"

"Uh... I think I forgot."

"Damn.  I could really go for some cashews right about now."

"Sorry, it appears to be just past 9, and the store has closed.  There are nuts for you, in the store down the street... locked away... in the cold, and dark, and you can't go in there right now."


"I did buy myself a candy bar from there, and I'm not feeling it.  Have at.  It's on top of the fridge."

So, he ate that.  Then, this morning, I realized I did buy those nuts. 


Ah, well, what's a little delay in the ways of pleasure?  We're still alive.  And now, we have nuts!


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