Sunday, November 4, 2012

The New Guy

I don't know why it took me so long to do this, but I finally upgraded my PC.  My old one is now 7 years old.  A while back, I upgraded my camera from a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, (The Baby, which I actually do still use on occasion,) to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.  (The Beast.) To my chagrin, the Mark III has already been released.  I sometimes really hate technology.  It is getting damn near impossible to keep up.  But whatever.  I have a kickass camera, and finally, the system to handle the thing.

Before, I was using my old PC for this, and it was kind of infuriating, and sad.  I really wanted to play with the Beast, a lot.  But alas, it was just really hard to process the photos with such limited RAM.  The lack of ram kept getting worse, until it was actually really bad, and not just for photos.  It got to where I could barely even run facebook, or other programs with it, because they were all taking up so much space.  Forget about running multiple programs at once.  Lightroom constantly crashed, even if I had nothing else running.  I found myself taking days to process a shoot, when it used to take me just a couple hours, at most. 

See, I'm one of those photogs who just believes in taking good photos to begin with.  I don't fool around with these programs a whole lot, other than to maybe make something slightly brighter here and there, and to resize them so I can show them on the web.  Other than that, I am not a big shopper.

So for a long time, I figured I would just cripple the thing through until I absolutely had to replace it.

And then my daughter dropped it on its power cord while it was still plugged in.

It... stopped charging.

I thought that the power cord was the problem, so I replaced that.


It was the port.  I was telling a friend about this the other day, and he laughed, saying:  "She broke your computer's vagina!"

True.  She did.  I once had a broken vagina, and lived, and now things are fine again.  I don't recommend pushing a baby with a nuchal hand out in 11 minutes, but what can you do?  Computers on the other hand?  They are not technically women.  They just can't handle that shit.

Digressing now, because I didn't mean for this to turn into a post about my lady parts. 

Anyway, the only way to charge the thing, was to hold the power cord upright in just the right position.  I propped it up on a pack of playing cards and a CD, hoping for the best.  It did OK for the last two weeks I really needed it to work, but I knew it was definitely time at that point.

And finally... it was time.  Time to get the new guy.  The new guy is pretty slick, I must say.  I think I'll be sharing lots more photos now!  Hooray!


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