Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 27: Best

If I had to think of the best thing I have going for me right now, it would probably my sense of humour. I've been told, anyway, that I'm pretty funny most of the time. I don't know that I'd be able to do it for a living, but maybe if I took a few more improv classes, and I really, really wanted to, it would be something I'd pursue professionally.

Yeah, I don't really see it happening though. I prefer to just make people crack up at parties, and not be under that sort of pressure. Well, that and, let's face it: my ego is the size of Alaska. I'm not really proud of that fact, but yeah... there it is. Comments about certain things I do make or break my day... or sometimes... uh... year. I wouldn't say that a joke met with a flat response would turn me into a shrinking violet, but a dry week or month? I'd say that probably wouldn't be so great.

So, I'll continue to give you a wink and a smile... and if you laugh, fine. If not, that's OK too. It's not my bread and butter, and it's all serendipity, anyway.


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