Monday, January 17, 2011

When it hits the fan...

And this time, I'm not actually referring to what the cliche represents, which is usually figurative drama. And yes. If shit were to hit a fan, that would be bad, and it does paint quite a picture.

The other night, we were with friends. All of our kids were playing together, and having a great time. Ruby was playing with a little boy about her age, and as they ran around the kitchen, they stopped for a second. Ruby and this little boy wanted to tell me a joke. Now, I know... at least with her, that a joke could really be anything. Really, and truly. She has told me some doozies.

But what came next was completely unexpected, and made me think that this little boy could be no one else's son but our friend, who is quite awesomely random.

"Hey! We have a joke for you!"

"OK, go for it!"

"Have you ever... pooped on a fan?"

That, of course, was the whole thing, but good lord, he's got a good start. I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

The next morning, Todd and I were pondering the instance in which shit would literally hit a fan. Seemed like kind of a rare instance. Who comes up with this stuff? I mean, you'd have to be sitting above a fan... or, I suppose throwing said shit at the fan, and well? Why would you ever do that? That's how you get flies. Gross.

But... well? Monkeys do fling the poo. Perhaps the person who coined the phrase was a zoologist, working in the monkey house, in unfortunate proximity to a fan of some sort?

Hm. I bet it was!


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