Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16: Can most certainly live without it

Day 16: Can most certainly live without it.

Procrastination. It's evil. Especially when it's pure. Especially when there is nothing to be gained, and there is no other reason for not doing something. I still do not understand why I allow it to happen at times. I can be very resistant, and very stubborn.

There are some things that I procrastinate that represent a thing I may not be ready for. There are other things I procrastinate because I know I have time to. But the problem here is that I usually forget in that time that I really should be doing something important, and then I no longer have time, and the thing that I should have done a month ago ends up going together with a little ticky-tacky, and not at all the way I had envisioned.

This is happening less and less as I get older, thankfully. There are things that I realize are worth the extra time and effort. I really should apply myself and do those things, because I deserve a good result. If I'm d0ing said thing for another person, that person also deserves the best possible outcome.

Conversely, the thing that seems to happen more and more lately, is that I have this nagging guilt that pokes and pokes and pokes, starting with my heels, moving up and around my body until it's poking me in the eye, and I realize trying to avoid it is just not worth it, and what I'm doing in lieu of the thing I really should be doing isn't even enjoyable... so why continue?

Yeah, it's just better that way. I like being ahead. I hate being behind. So there. Take that you annoying timesuck! This girl must get things done!



  1. It's a battle to save your sanity. That's why so many old people are crazy, they let this crap eat at them for 40 odd years....

    That's also why it feels so good to get things done, or else forget about it.

  2. Yeah, that pretty much describes my grandparents. LOL And yes, I do pick my battles as well. Some things... are just better left undone.